John Berberian & the Rock East Ensemble: Middle eastern rock (1969)

Released: 1969
Style: folk rock, psychedelic rock, world music
Length: 40:00
Label: Verve forecast
Origin: USA
Another masterpiece of the 60's that goes beyond cultural limits...too early....
Accompanied by: Raki and Ketamin
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23 Skidoo: Urban Gamelan (1984)

Released:August 1984
Recorded: a little bit before i suppose
Style: experimental, funk, dub,electronic,post punk,gamelan
Label: Illuminated records
Origin: UK
What would happen if suddenly the members were changing instruments during each song?What would happen if they were too abstract?
Accompanied by: unspoken words and nasi pecel
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Earth:The bees make honey in the lion's skull (2008)

Released: 2008
Recorded: Avast/Aleph Studios
Style: post rock, avant garde, drone
Length: 53:25
Label: Southern Lord
Origin: USA
A lack of embodiment.
Accompanied by: interstellar underdrives
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King Crimson: In the court of the Crimson King(1969)

Released: 10 October 1969
Recorded: 21 July – 21 August 1969,Wessex Sound studios,London
Style: progressive rock
Length: 43:53
Label: Island/Atlantic
Origin: UK
If you dont know this album,what can i say.....
Accompanied by: A lot of wasted in intelligence
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Moondog: Moondog (1969)

Released: 1969
Style: Classical,minimal,contemporary,jazz,avantgarde
Length: 30:06
Label: CBS records
A poet or a musician?A philosopher or a writer?classical or contemporary?jazzy or modern?who gives a fuck?Music in all its glory from a genuine genius...
Accompanied by: Everything that can produce a sound
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Ulver: Perdition city (2000)

Released: 26 March 2000
Recorded: before the release :)
Style: avant garde,electronic,trip hop,ambient
Length: 53:31
Label: Jester
Origin: Norway
Come on, save yourself from your saviors!

Accompanied by: A lonely night and a lot of compressed hangovers that tend to manic depression

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Tim Buckley:Goodbye and hello (1967)

Released: August 1967
Recorded: June 1967 in Los Angeles
Style: Folk rock,psychedelic rock,art rock,avant garde
Length:  42:41
Label: Elektra
Origin: USA
What is called a reason to exist,can silmutaneously be an excellent reason to die
Accompanied by:Conium
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Terrorizer:World Downfall (1989)

Released: November 13, 1989
Recorded: May, 1989 at Morrisound Recording,Tampa,Florida
Style: grindcore,death metal
Length: 36:14
Label: Earache
Origin: USA
OK mother fuckerz the lies are over.There are times when artistic things have no meaning, and the only thing that matters is raw power,vulgarity and sincerety.
Accompanied by: molotof bombs and a continuous arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Sun Ra: Lanquidity (1978)

Released: 1978
Recorded: 17 july 1978
Style: jazz fusion
Length: 43:29
Label: Philly jazz
Origin: USA
After posting all these records, i start to feel bored talking about how beautiful an album is and bullshit like this.So from now on,in the lines available, i decided to write anything that comes into my mind.Welcome to a new era.
Accompanied by: Whiskey and mind altering drugs in general
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MIke Oldfield: Tubular bells (1973)

Released: 25 may 1973
Recorded: The manor, Oxfordshire, England
Autumn 1972 – Spring 1973
Style: progressive rock,instrumental rock,new age
Length: 48:57
Label: Virgin records
Origin: UK

Composed when Mike Oldfield was 19 years old, this opus goes beyond genres and artificial divisions,despite the fact that is a child of his own age.A relaxing chair and imagination is all you need!
Accompanied by: an intro of 15/8 and an exorcism
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Diamanda Galas w.John Paul jones: The sporting life (1994)

Released: September 6, 1994
Recorded: 1994
Style: experimental rock ,alternative rock,avant garde,no wave
Length: 55:01
Label: Mute records
Origin: USA,UK
 Diamanda Galas is not a lady, is the lady!Making sounds on the voice of your consciousness,on your deepest fears,a torturing Siren.A kind of musical perception  that is truly out of the box.This album is a very interesting collaboration with John Paul Jones (what do you mean who is he?) creating a more orthodox result than her previous albums,but......

Accompanied by: everything that is black and bluesy
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Vangelis: Earth (1973)

Released: 1973
Recorded: Europa-Sonor studios,Paris
Style: new age,progressive rock,electronica,world music
Length: 38:47
Label: Vertigo
Origin: Greece

 In fact, world music influenced by the spirit of the era and the aphrodite's child past. Here Vangelis is starting to detach himself from the rock and pop decorations,thus starting his journey to find himself.
Accompanied by: A bottle of ouzo and flip flops that divide the toes according a ratio of 4:1
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Goat: World music (2012)

Released: 2012
Recorded: before 2012 of course
Style: experimental rock,fusion,world music,world beat,acid rock,
Label: Rocket recordings
Origin: Sweden,Korpilombolo
This commune from Sweden deliver us some modern word music, based on the solid foundations of rock with a little bit of acid feeling.Fresh and discretely psychedelic, this album has an uplifting pulse destined for the people that think music as one.
Accompanied by: All the people that broke my balls to post this
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Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Nightingales and bombers (1975)

Released: 22 august 1975
Recorded: 1975,workhouse London
Style: rock, progressive rock,jazz rock,blues rock
Length: 44:45
Label: Bronze
Origin: UK
A hidden diamond, musically exceptional and aesthetically stimulating. Lost inside the ocean of the 70;s rock, still beckons and inspires
Accompanied by: turkish coffee and ouzo hangover
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Eivind Aarset's Electronique Noire: Light extracts (2001)

Released: 2001
Recorded: ee before releasing
Style: Nu jazz,experimental,electronic,downtempo,future jazz
Length: 52:04
Label: Jazzland

just to a  w i n d  o   w   .        .           .
Accompanied by: me
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Amon Duul: Psychedelic underground (1969)

Released: 1969
Recorded: 1968-1969
Style: psychedelic rock,progressive rock,kraut rock,experimental,space rock
Length: 41:16
Label: Metronome records
Origin: Germany
This album is almost brutal with its hunger to improvise and play music on drugs...more primitive than its followers but a masterpiece inside its pervesity. A lot of lsd! and i am not sure about the rock has some distorted things strings inside.......
Accompanied by: freaky friends and invisible girlfriends
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Aphex twin: Selected ambient works 85-92 (1992)

Released: 12 February 1992
Recorded: 1985-1992
Style: Ambient Techno,IDM
Length: 7421
Label: Apollo
Origin: Cornwall,UK
Analog, warm, round buttons,high hi hats,essence,a clear vision and adolescent freshness.I dont know why  i pick up this album, maybe because its;s getting cold and dark ...and a light....
Accompanied by: A dance of volcano dust all around the place
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The Ex & Tom Cora: Scrabbling at the lock (1991)

Released: August 1991
Recorded: ADM's Koeienverhuurbedrijf,Amsterdam
Style: experimental,anarchopunk,art rock,post punk, noise rock, nowave
Length: 51:24
Label: Mississipi records
Origin: Netherlands
Netherlands seems to be close to the Italian situation.... the really good bands you can count with your one hand only, and particularly your left one.
Here we have a bright exception, the kind of albums that when is finishing you cannot listen to something else.Post punk, free improvisations, avantagrde, punk rock, who fucking cares?
Accompanied by: A squat and a table so full of stuff that you cannot place something else
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Tiamat: Deeper kind of slumber (1997)

Released: 12 August 1997
Recorded: January-March 1997
Style: gothic rock,psychedelic rock
Length: 59"57
Label: Century media
Origin: Stockholm,Sweden
Sweet like opium,dark and twisted,aerial and on drugs, unleashing but depressive...From the north of europe a very personal moment that awaits for the right timing to absorb you with its hallucinations.Essential for people that grow up in cities that are in lack of everything.
Accompanied by: crystal meth,an opened bottle of wine that has lost its taste,cold nights
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The octagon man: The exciting world of the octagon man(1995)

Released: 1995
Recorded: before 1995
Style: electro,experimental,electronic,idm
Label: Electron Industries
Origin: UK

Warm analog sounds,somewhere in the mid 90;s in search of a new sound and a new way to express.Undanceable music for dancy spirits.Circuits and drum machines.
Masterpiece sataaaaaaaaannnn!!!!!!

Accompanied by: A lot of dusty buttons and keyboards with three keys
--I have noy found yet a torrent or a download link,if someone has something just share!

Senser : Asylum (1998)

Released: 1998
Recorded: 1998
Style: electronic rock,industrial hip hip,breakbeat, rap metal,electro
Length: 1:12:00
Label: Ultimate records
Origin: UK

This is one of the releases that really i don;t know how to tag ,how to name this strange musical style...but is it really important?
One hundred percent pure 90's spirit.
Accompanied by: dirty basements and special k mixed with something
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Grateful dead: Blues for Allah (1975)

Released: 1 September 1975
Recorded: February 27 – May 7, 1975
Style: jazz rock,psychedelic blues, acid rock,jam rock
Length: 44:13
Label: Grateful dead,United artists
Origin: USA,California
Ok, not the most famous, not the most beloved, not the most crazy album of this huge band...but musically speaking, the flow of these impressive compositions, the change of mood is like a refreshing breeze from the west.....dont be fooled by the "rock" tab,this is something more
Accompanied by: me
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Tangerine Dream: Atem (1973)

Released: March 1973
Recorded: December 1972-January 1973,Dierks Studio
Style: ambient,electronica,psych
Length: 41:28
Label: Ohr
Origin: Germany

Sweaty hands, heartbeats going faster and faster, but maybe no pulse at all. Not knowing if you are still dreaming or not.If you are alive or not. You worst nightmares,maybe reality itself maybe a projection of it.the trip through the universe towards yourself.the tragedy of relativity.The last act.
Accompanied by: confusion about the perpetrator and the victim
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Gnarls Barkley: St.elsewhere (2006)

Released: April 24, 2006
Recorded: 2005-2006
Style: Soul,alternative hip hop, pop
Length: 37:20
Label: Downtown, Atlantic
Origin: USA
I think maybe it's the last album im posting in this blog, that was number one in the charts, won a grammy award,sold millions of records blah,blah, blah...BUT...even we have a pop record here,the music is really something....following a deconstructive and minimalistic musical approach, these guys focus on the vocals....and the result, you judge.
Accompanied by: a feeling of happiness that you cannot understand why is happening, and some booze
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Unsane: Visqueen (2007)

Released: 13 March,2007
Recorded: i suppose a little bit before 2007
Style: rock,noise rock, post hardcore
Length: 42:04
Label: Ipecac recordings
Origin: USA,New York

Sometimes i think that a noisy atmosphere is something you miss when you lose it, like love and health....what an of the few bands that the money that they pay for electricity, they really deserve it...
Accompanied by: an electric chair,messy hair and some wishes for a cover
Suck it!

Shakti&John McLaughlin:Shakti (1976)

Released: 1976
Recorded: July 5,1975,Southampton college,Long island
Style: World music,fusion,traditional
Length: 52:00
Label:  Columbia
Origin: India,UK
What a fucking amazing mixture....when the traditions combine,they become universal values,destined to last that sense the word "globalisation" does not sound bad at all...please enjoy your coffee with this mind fucking album
Accompanied by: exclamations of joy and multiple orgasms
Suck it!

Ali Farka Toure: Savane (2006)

Released: 17 july 2006
Recorded: Hotel mande,Bamako 2004,
Style: blues,african,world music
Length: 58:37
Label: World circuit
Origin: Mali
A lot of time since african music was not posted here....actually a lot of time since anything was posted....a lot of people wonder....english blues or the american style?The guys that created this genre have the best answer...As Ali said a little bit before he died,some days after the album release.."I know this is my best album ever. It has the most power and is the most different."
Accompanied by: a quitar 200 years old and some seeds just in case

Suck it!

Ojos de brujo: Bari(2002)

Recorded: 2001
Style: Flamenco,electronica,hip hop,latin,rumba
Length: 52:40
Label: La fabrica de colores
Origin: Spain,Barcelona

The smells and the colour, cerveza fria,amazing performances (at least in the past don't know now no),sensuality,flamenco rhythms mixed with everything,someone could say an optimal way to combine tradition with more modern music and thinking....
Accompanied by: tortillas,porritos,clever lyrics, almost with everything
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The Gamelan gong kebyar in Pinda and Sawan(1985)

Released: 1985
Recorded: 1982
Style: Balinese gamelan, gong kebyar
Length: 48:14
Label: Musicaphon
Origin: Bali ,Indonesia

Here we have a masterpiece not only in musical terms but in terms of production and recording also (so rare for this kind of music). Linear progression of enorchestration ,circular mood, like a mad asian dog chasing the tail of another dog that seems to be faster.Sometimes grind, sometimes idm and breakbeated, but still traditional.Its true that the quality of  alcohol that people are drinking affects their musical character.And "arak" from bali is one of the best!
Accompanied by: arak, kretek cigarette,mosquitoes, a lot of heat and a slight breeze coming from the volcano that is its time to explode.
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OhGr: Welt (2001)

Released: March 20, 2001
Recorded: 1995, 1999
Style: electro industrial, electronic
Length: 44:03
Label: Spitfire records
Origin: USA, LA,California

A bastard child of the 90's and nephew of industrial musical cyborgs,that wants to progress a little bit so as to become more digestable.Indeed it sounds more electro, even pop sometimes with a production that sounds like a luxury black and decker mixer.
Accompanied by:A bunch of chemical components that causes a little tingling in the urethra when pissing...
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The Stooges: The stooges (1969)

Released: August 5, 1969 (1969-08-05) (US),September 1969 (UK)
Recorded: April 1969
Style: protopunk, garage rock
Length: 34:33
Label: Elektra
Origin: USA
This "cursed" year, 1969, is a year that peoples imagination was like a very horny rabbit!Sometimes i wonder that the quantity (and quality) of the records that were made that year,was never created in all the years until now.One of the first really noisy LPs, with skinny Iggy screaming from dirty garages on dope!
Accompanied by: amphetamine coctail, rotten teeth and anti-party mood
Suck it!

Steel pulse: Handsworth revolution (1978)

Released: 1978
Recorded: 1977
Style: Roots reggae
Length:  37:57
Label: Island
Origin: UK,Birmingham

 A little diamond of reggae's UK style, coming from the industrialized ghettos of from  immigrants with a boundless lyricism and politically correct rastafarinism.It's really ironic  that "Handsworth" is the name of a suburb in Birmingham with a huge number of African,Indian and Asian immigrants and refugees.
Accompanied by: Spliffs and splaffs
Suck it!

Squarepusher: Feed me weird things (1996)

Released: 3 June 1996
Style: electronic,drum n bass,breakbeat
Length: 66:43
Label: Rephlex
Origin: UK

Crazy basslines, spastik beats and rhythms, a clandestine of bits and bytes.As much as this record belongs to the generic electronic genre, belongs also to jazz, idm and....ok, i shut up, it simply kicks asses.Strictly non easy listening...
Accompanied by: incomplete mathematical equations and complete musical sensations
Suck it!

Bauhaus: In the flat field (1980)

Released: 1 October 1980
Recorded: Southern studios,London
Style: post punk,gothic rock
Length: 38:45
Label: 4Ad
Origin: England

In most of the cases, the first release of a band has a distinct aura that smells like depressed testosterone - one of the reasons that usually become our favorite ones.Like the first release of the legendary Bauhaus, a cultural more comments i have to leave, i am late again!
Accompanied by: guessworks and minimization of quantities
Suck it!

Fela Antikulapo Kuti: Zombie (1977)

Released: 1977
Recorded: 1977
Style: Afrobeat
Length: 25:28
Label: Celluloid records
Origin: Nigeria

 I had a tough time trying to pick up one of the 15000 records of this guy from Nigeria...I have chosen this one, because of the metafora that is hiding in the records name...a word that was used for the Nigerian army due to the atrocities committed in the 70's and 80's...So, Fela sometime in the 70's made a commune (named Kalakuta republic) and declare it as independent state...The sensitive politicians did not like the idea, so they sent one thousand soldiers that burned the place down and beat the asses of everyone that stayed in the is worth to be mentioned that they threw Fela's mother from the balcony,and after that the commander shitted in the lady's face!
Accompanied by: continuous dance, polygamy and joints as big as my height....ahhh and rum, lots of rum!
Suck it!

Herbie Hancock: Headhunters(1973)

Released: October 13, 1973
Recorded: September 1973
Wally Heider studios, Different Fur Trading Co.
Style: funk,jazz funk
Length: 41:34
Label: Columbia
Origin: California,USA

 In this case , really the musical notes must substitute the words and the comments.An all time classic record, with some of the greatest musicians participating...Finally Herbie decides to leave behind the jazz meta constructions and build something earthly and groovy...a must!
Accompanied by: coctail and a mood for flirt and orgies!
Suck it!

Diamond Head: Lightning to the nations (1980)

Released: October 3, 1980
Recorded: Old Smithy Recording Studio,Worcester, England, 1979
Style: heavy metal,hard rock,NWOBHM
Length: 41:37
Label: Happy Face
Origin: England,Stourbrogde

Another diamond made in UK, a crown in the head of , as it was named that time, New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. One of the few bands that honestly borrowed  the air of Led Zeppelin, and at the same time, one of the few bands that Metallica have ripped so much (but was before napster so no worries, mother fuckers). It is quite funny that no record label wanted to release this LP, so they just made a label and released by themselves.Ok, Metallica released again some years later.....
Accompanied by: a helpless voice that sounds like crystal, dangerous driving and humid mornings
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Sweet smoke: Just a poke (1970)

Released: 1970
Style: psychedelic jazz rock
Length: 32:46
Label: EMI Columbia
Origin: Americans from New york but there was a time that they moved in a commune in Germany

 One of the most mature and serious records in the end of the 60;s...Honest,complex but not complicate,music for the mind and soul and not for music only,maturity and not "eat a flower" mood -shit your pants- psychedelia form this chaste masterpiece .
Accompanied by: Sweet smokes brought by the Land of Nothingness
Suck it!

Bjork: Volta(2007)

Released: May 1, 2007
Recorded: 2005-2007
Style: electronica,industrial,alternative,experimental
Length: 51:03
Label: Elektra,Atlantic,One little indian
Origin: Iceland

 A soul that belongs to the anomaly...either you love her or you hate her. Living in her own world, presenting us a version of herself direct but at the same time horribly folklore,experimental....just watch the following videoclip masterpiss...
Accompanied by: Who the fuck knows!

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